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Discover the most advanced haircare collection, owned by a Beauty Queen and now available worldwide.

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Carmen Maria Today

I have almost forty years of experience in Television and as a Beauty Expert.  I am a journalist who has worked in News, several TV shows, Master of Ceremonies, Auctioneer, and Speaker. My experience in Beauty Pageants allowed me to maintain a discipline that has allowed me to keep my looks as if it was only yesterday that I almost grasp the Miss Universe crown.


I always have a beautiful mane of hair that I have been able to maintain by studying and researching what is best to keep, maintain and improve your hair. That is why I have developed a line of Hair products, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cream that share all the secrets of my healthy hair. It will be available here soon.


I am an experienced Master of Ceremonies, auctioneer, and Speaker. As a Survivor of Domestic Abuse, I am sharing my experience and knowledge to teach others how to recognize the symptoms of an Abusive Relationship and how to get out of this situation. Also to teach friends and families of victims how to help them.


I will share with you my expertise, knowledge, and advice in Makeup, Skincare, Parenting Advice, Health and Fitness, Financial Advice, Latinos in the USA and much more.


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