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This column begins a beautiful experience in which we shall share to the secret beauty.

I decided to start with something very basic, but extremely important throughout our lives: Skincare. Above all, it is important to teach our daughters at an early age how to protect and care for their faces. The face is our cover letter. And her skin says a lot about who we are; if we smoke, we take, we unveil, we take the sun, and if we give him pampering.

This procedure is performed by specialists called Endodontists. Dr. Mauricio Ceballos is one of the most recognized specialists in the field. Doctor, Who are Endodontists? We are specialized dentists to perform routine cases or much more complex procedures that go until endodontic surgery. We are also trained to diagnose oral or facial pains that have been difficult to pinpoint.

I started very young to take care of the skin of the face. Without knowing why from the age of fifteen it was very important for me to cleanse my face every night and to get a moisturizer. Today I thank God for that intuition.

From that time on cleaning my skin progressed not only as a routine of simply washing the skin, I understood that it was important to thoroughly clean the makeup before going to bed and moisturize the skin to feed it. Never go to bed with make-up. The skin needs to breathe and nourish itself. As part of the cleaning routine, I recommend exfoliating the skin at least twice a week. It can be with an exfoliating cream or with exfoliating soaps. The latter can be used at bath time. Exfoliate the skin removes the dead cells that accumulate on our face and dull the skin. It also helps eliminate nasty blackheads. Once or twice a week, consume and use a moisturizing mask. In addition, to be able to relax for the fifteen minutes that the treatment requires, these masks return the shine to the skin. It is especially important for people who have parched skin.

I will not deny that I abuse the sun in my youth. And pay for it. However, protecting myself from the sun from the age of 25 and applying nutrition treatments and skin discoloration have yielded positive results. It is important to use sunscreen daily or use a base that contains at least SPF 25 protection. It is even more important to use sunscreen during the summer and when you go to sea. The protection should be reapplied after each bath. And wear hats or visors. Never expose your face to the sun. Although it seems incredible, using makeup during the day is important. In the era we are living in, where we are exposed to ozone and multiple contaminants, the makeup offers a protective layer to the skin.

A good reason to quit or not to quit smoking is never to want to stay young. The cigarette helps premature aging. Observe how the skin of smoked does not shine, has a different color, and is more shoddy than other people of the same age. I will not tell them not to take, but everything in moderation. Excessive alcohol intake is to blame for the unpleasant sachets under the eyes. We are what we eat, that is very true. Drink water. The body is composed of 60 to 70% of water and we have to clean the system when cleaning it shows on the skin giving it more shine. Water is part of the nutrition of the complexion. If we water the woods as we will not do with ourselves.

Also, we have to be aware of ingesting all the nutrients necessary for our body and skin: Vitamins and Minerals. As well as the natural oils that give elasticity to the skin.

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