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When beauty dies

I have rarely seen a blue so intense and so deep. It was a rare eye dark blue. But it was the natural color of the eyes of Eva Ekvall. Despite his advanced disease, her beauty remained intact. And the beauty of her eyes was something special.

I met Eva in a Hospital bed in Houston. Medical colleagues of my ex-husband informed him that a Venezuelan beauty queen was at the hospital with terminal cancer. I did not know Eva. She was born a year before I was Miss Venezuela, the 15 of March 1983. She was crowned queen at only 17 years of age in 2000. What I did know is that she was a journalist and had fought a battle with cancer a year before. That I learned from Facebook. It is amazing how social networks pull together people. I think I felt a kind of sisterhood with her because belong to this privileged group of women who have been fortunate and proud to represent Venezuelan women in international beauty pageants. So, I decided to find out more about her and her case.

Eva discovered during her pregnancy, leave a two-year-old “Miranda”, a nodule that he thought was caused by the mammary glands in preparation for lactation. Eva as a good communicator who loved being informed attended breastfeeding classes during gestation and learned that could occur nodules. I consult with people lactation consultants and advised that massage. I eagerly prepared to breastfeed her daughter, which was impossible because of the pain it caused him. He gave up and throw in the towel. I opt for the bottle.

Over the months the nodule increased size and skin texture change. In February 2010 he decides to consult a doctor, exactly five months after the birth of her daughter. To this date begins his courageous fight against cancer. With verve and determination, I steeled myself and faced chemotherapy, radiation, and a double radical mastectomy. All with the determination to defeat the enemy and prevent them from returning. During these months I get it to step by step its tour operating rooms, hospital rooms, doctor’s offices and found the lens with its reality. A distant reality was used, where each photo showed the perfection of an extraordinarily beautiful woman and always tidy. Mostro here because of drugs without hair and swollen.

Breast cancer survivors manage to get the chair narrator news Televen. It becomes an active Twitter. And with her husband and daughter, she faces a life full of promise. However, three months after remission and in his first visit after discharge, they announce that you have a new type of breast cancer in the unaffected breast. I confessed that refused to reality and avoid treatments until her psychologist made her reconsider. Seek help in alternative medicine and came to Houston, a city where he died on December 17, 2011. Eva is remembered as one of the most beautiful women who have gone through the national competition and the first non-Christian queen to win the crown, she called herself a Buddhist. Eva married radio producer John Fabio Bermúdez in September 2007,

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