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What Burns The Nails

Healthy, long, hard nails are attractive in women. Especially because it makes us see the long hands. But sometimes it is very difficult to achieve it by taking care of our hands.

Did you know that doing the Manicure frequently is one of the many causes of nail thinning, causing them to break or open? Many things we do to maintain extreme care of our body or coquetry are sometimes harmful. Just as washing your hair very often is bad, exposing your nails to the manicure process, where you use ketones, polishing and limes is bad.

Sometimes the weakness does not look quickly, but over time you notice it. If you keep your nails well cared for and in spite of that, you often break or open, think about it and give the Manicure a rest. My recommendation is that the Manicure should be done every two or three weeks if possible. In this way, the exposure to these harmful agents is less frequent. Also, let the nails breathe, from time to time do not paint them lúcelas the natural.

Do not eat your nails and above all do not use your nails as a hardware tool. Now, food, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are basic in nail health. Although there is a genetic predisposition in the health of the nails, attention must be paid to the external and internal aspects that affect them. Other external aspects that affect the health of the nails are the cold, the heating, much exposure to soap and detergents, lack of hydration; and although they do not create much exposure to water in frequency and duration.

One of the health problems that is most reflected in the nails is Anemia. The lack of iron affects our entire body since hemoglobin is responsible for transporting nutrients to organs. Once the nails do not get the necessary nutrients the nails will break. But the most important thing is the lack of vitamins essential for the health and quality of the nails. Among the B vitamins, B12 and Biotin are essential for nails. Also, folic acid, vitamins A, C, and D.

The nails are formed by Keratin Protein, of course, Keratin deficiency, the impaired nail is imminent. Therefore, we must have a diet rich in Proteins. Once we make the necessary corrections to improve the health of the nails we have to wait for about 3 to 6 months, which is the time it takes for the nail to complete its growth and regenerate itself completely. Because the nails grow very slowly 4 mm a month.

Finally, did you know that your nails speak? Your nails betray your Health, not only the condition of them are indicative of deficiencies in your body or external excesses but also can indicate how your Health is. Have you ever wondered why the doctors check our nails? They can determine certain health problems through them, problems such as respiratory, anemia, and many other conditions.

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