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Is America getting kidnapped?

Like a train wreck waiting to happen in front of my eyes, I see the collapse of the United States of America fast-forwarding into socialism.

For years I have said that the progression toward socialism is happening in the United States, but Americans do not believe me. Just like the people from Venezuela did not believe it was happening when Cubans told us it was happening. It seems impossible when you have a country with a stable Democracy and wealth that it is going to fall into a regime that can only come as a result of misery and despair. A system that promises a magical solution to poverty and incentivizes the dependency of the citizens on the government instead of having a government that exists to serve the people.

Coming to the United States in 1988 as a student when Venezuela was a rich country (still is underground) on the road to development and with the most stable democracy in Latin America made me realize that something was already changing in Venezuela. As a practicing Journalist, I experienced restriction in what could be said in a country where Freedom of speech and expression is part of our constitution. But in the United States, we were free to speak our minds and I finally understood what true freedom of speech means.

Life in this country was easy and as long as you follow the law everything works and the American dream was achievable. But with time life became complicated, bureaucracy took over and that brought back memories to me. Yes, memories of Venezuela when we always talked about how bureaucracy was becoming part of our lives taking away our freedoms. But most importantly freedom of speech was lost to political correctness. This was the most important aspect that made me realize things were changing.

In Venezuela as a young girl, everything was possible. We just had to dream and work hard to achieve it. When people talked about the American Dream, I was like Yes! I had that! I was able to buy my own car at 20 years old. But I dreamt big and work hard.

A man, Hugo Chavez, became President of Venezuela telling the people that he was going to take from the rich and give to the poor. Basically saying, no worries, you do not have to work anymore. I will give it to you because you deserve it. I will take it from them to give it to you. And with that, the economy was destroyed and the dreams were killed. Young people could no longer achieve and the eldest lost everything. The percentage of poor people grew, the rich became richer and the motor of society was killed…the middle class.

Life became impossible and people started fleeing anywhere they could while Hugo Chavez proclaimed that it did not matter because we have “Patria”. Yes, a Patria full of desperate people starving to death.

With time the American dream began shattering, money was being lost, one job was not enough, and life in America became hard and difficult. Children graduate with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts and are forced to stay living with their parents.

God was taken out of Schools and Judiciary, a country that was founded under God!

Once God was taken out: morals, principles, family values, and most of all respect was hijacked and with that corruption came to stay.

Merit became a thing of the past and children get prices just for showing up. Nobody seemed to realize the effect that has on kids, where they will grow up thinking everything has to be given to them while no effort is put in.

The truth of the matter is that accomplishment can only be achieved with hard work, discipline, and sacrifices. It is the only way to achieve greatness and greatness is achievable by all.

The dream started to be killed when people were told they could not be better. They are better off by letting the government take care of them. But a silent majority opposes this action and refuses to give in to oppression and that is why President Donald J Trump won the election because he tells people you can be the best because America is Great. Donald J Trump talks about love and not a word of hate comes out of his mouth but the media has convinced people otherwise.

However, at only twenty minutes of him taken oath, the press declared impeachment had started. Which makes it impossible for me to avoid seeing the resemblance between Venezuela and the United States of American progression to Socialism.

And the most appealing moment now is the second Presidency of Carlos Andres Perez (1989-1994), where it was characterized by social crises and popular revolts. As soon as he took office, he was practically declared an enemy of the state. His first Presidency was from 1974-1979.

The media became Fake News. What they reported at the time was not the reality. When asked, journalists said that they had to follow the guidelines dictated by their bosses.

By February 27, 1989, El Caracazo took place. This event was similar to the riots we are experiencing right now in our country. People took to the streets to loot stores and destroy everything on their path. The situation became such out of control that people were in fear that bolsters were to start breaking into homes.

Although the situation at the time was finally controlled the attacks on Carlos Andres Perez were not, as the use of the Army and National guard to restrain the revolts were met with snipers. Many discussed that the incidents were planned.

In reality, it is said, that Fidel Castro infiltrated Venezuela with a platoon of Cubans snipers that he took with him when he was invited to the inauguration of Carlos Andres Perez for his second Presidency in January 1989. But Castro always had his eyes on Venezuela, as he tried an attack on Venezuela with a combined guerrilla of Cubans and Venezuelans in May 1967. Since then the socialist Cuban infiltration was ever-present in Venezuela and growing even within the Army. It was a silent invasion.

Later CAP, as he was known, faced two coups attends in 1992, one on February 4, 1992 lead by military and Socialist Hugo Chavez albeit he denied he was a Socialist or communist.

Coups and revolts were not enough and finally, CAP was impeached by the Supreme Court in May 1993. Carlos Andres Perez trusted that the maturity of the Democracy in Venezuela was going to succeed. However, he was removed from his post on August 31, 1993.

Carlos Andres Perez predicted a dark future Venezuela was destined for after his departure.

Hugo Chavez was pardon by an enemy of Carlos Andres Perez, Rafael Caldera before he was prosecuted allowing him to run for the Presidency of Venezuela. Chavez’s campaign was based on inspiring hate amount the people of Venezuela and a promise for change. Separate to succeed and a better country are the regular promises and tactics of the left.

In Venezuela, he inspired the hate base on the difference in Social classes as race does not present an issue for us, since the mix of the races started in Venezuela since the colonization.

In the United States, hate is inspired by exploiting racism.

Chavez and the worldwide left started to manipulate the language to further create division by now creating hate amount the sexes, female and male. The socialists started to use unnecessary masculine and feminine articles and/or nomos, as a way to tell females “I do care now for you”.

In the USA we are now facing changes in languages that “for the socialists” could be offensive to black people.

Statues were demolished and the face of our Libertador Simon Bolivar was replaced with Hugo Chavez’s face. The names of Institutions, buildings, boats, etc. were changed and/or replaced with names of black or indigenous people. This was the beginning of the destruction of history and for them to rewrite a story they now use to indoctrinate people.

Does any of this look familiar yet?

Donald Trump promised to give us back the country we were and dream of. America first and America the best is a threat to the Globalists that want to impose the New World Order. The new Socialist way in which our rights are strip from us first, as has been happening since September 11, 2001, and worsened with the Pandemic and now the riots.

We are under attack by the evil forces that want to destroy the good of every person that wants to be the best and people were starting to see it as the country improved under President Donald Trump.

We are facing a coup and they will try anything with the objective to overthrow President Donald Trump or making sure he is not re-elected. But getting rid of him will mean killing the American Spirit; killing freedom to implant communism; killing hard work and success to implant hand-me-downs; killing evolution; killing Capitalism to implant government-controlled monopoly; implementing poverty and starvation… and most of all killing the American Dream!

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